Easy configuration for complex needs

Usability and flexibility are key

The business world is changing, as does the IT world. As our customers are adapting to new markets, new requirements and new regulations, their IT solutions also have to evolve accordingly.

The next generation of Content Management Systems must allow for the reduction and control of costs, whilst providing a high level of service.

Moving to the Cloud, and benefiting from Content Management Software as a service, is key to this challenge. Adopting a platform that will fulfill all business needs, from limited specific applications to more common use cases, while avoiding multiplication of information silos or user interfaces, is another one.

Any is our main solution designed to face these challenges

Its name evokes “anything / anyhow / anywhere / anyone / anytime”.
It is based on a number of concepts that we have always defended:

A standard user interface adapting to every requirement

Instead of developing specific interfaces


Instead of coding

One solution supporting multiple applications

Instead of multiple solutions

A single content base

Instead of multiple information silos

One way to search, access, manage contents

Instead of many ways to solutions

Reusing configured business rules

Instead of developing each
application from scratch

Focus on User Experience

Instead of training with complex UIs

Delegating part of the administration to key users

Instead of giving exclusive rights to the IT